How to Fix Error Code 1168 on Webroot Internet Security Plus Program?

We all are very well aware about the webroot providing antivirus security service. It’s offering a full security package for a antivirus protection on your system from many types of spyware, malware or other online dangers. Webroot Internet Security Plus Error 1168 can occur anytime when you have downloading, installing or uninstalling a Webroot Internet Security Plus software, or when the antivirus program is being run. These type of errors can be results for your computer system to an unexpected behavior like- Windows can shut down periodically. Most of the users are facing this Webroot error code 1168 on their Webroot antivirus Internet Security program.

First, you need to completely uninstall this program from the computer. After that reinstalling, this software will prevent these kinds of Webroot Errors. Usually, it takes only a few minutes for completing this process.

Common reasons for Webroot Security Plus Program Error Code 1168:- 

If you want to know about the reasons of this error then you can get below some common causes for this error.

  • When the user made an infected or incomplete installation of Webroot Security Plus software.
  • When a user has made wrong windows registry from a recent Webroot plus related program file.
  • When spyware or other online dangers has infected your windows operating system files or Webroot antivirus plus program-related folders or files.
  • When the user has wrongly deleted any Webroot software or Webroot plus program-related files from their system.

 After knowing about the causes of this reason, you must be trying to immediate resolution with this error from your computer. We need to fix it as soon as possible as it can occur much more issues on your computer.

Some Simple Steps to Solve Webroot Internet Security Plus Program Error 1168:-

For the manual resolution of this error, you will find some simple steps in this post. Please follow each step to get a perfect removing with this error from your computer.

  1. First, you have to ensure that you have a saved copy of your 20 Character Alphanumeric Keycode such as SA70-AAAA-A786-DF89-XXXX.
  2. Then, turn on your computer and connect with a good internet connection.
  3. After that, uninstall and reinstall to verify it works properly.
  4. Then, download a copy of the software app.
  5. Now, uninstall the WSA program and reboot your computer.
  6. Now, install the Webroot internet security program with the new installer.
  7. Now, enter your Webroot software provided Keycode, no need import any configurations if asked to as you can set it up according to you.
  8. Wait until letting it complete its install scan.
  9. Then, reboot the computer once again, check the error has resolved.

If you find this error again then you can take support from the Webroot Customer Support to get a right guidance for your Webroot error.

Note- The following steps can be applied only if you have the “Complete” version of WSA software, use Backup & Sync, and are re-installing and if you have files that are “Backed Up” or Synced” to the cloud then you will need to re-enter those by using the “Link to an existing cloud folder” option located in the “Folders” click on the “Backup & Sync” settings or tap gear next to Backup & Sync in WSA interface.

Webroot Customer Support:- 

You can take support anytime (24*7) as per your convenience from the Webroot Customer Support team. If you have any other Webroot related problem then you can get assistance from the Webroot technicians. They will offer you a correct solution or suggestion for your Webroot error. You can connect with them by dialing a Webroot customer toll-free service. Even, you can get in touch with them via live chat. Now, the user has multiple ways to connect with them via telephonic or chat support. So now, no need to worry about any Webroot issues, just call on Webroot support toll-free number and get an immediate service or support from the Webroot certified technicians.

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